Friday, June 19, 2015

RBS - Advanced Banking Program for UK Processes

It was indeed exciting and enriching to reach out to the Management trainees of RBS who are by and large from top B Schools with Engineering Background, mostly IITians. This team indeed is a promising group for RBS. RBS has chosen the cream from the campus

The 5 day program facilitated by me dealt at length, areas such us Retail and Corporate Banking, Investment Banking, Anti Money Laundering, Study of Financial Statements, Global payment services, BASEL accords and Risk management, Forex Transactions, Trade finance, ALM etc. 
In fact a satisfying work from my side, as I could feel the pulse of candidates who are well aware of many concepts and actively involved in the higher learning endeavor . I wish them all the best in their career in RBS. Proud to be with my young team.. the odd man out ...!!! God bless you all, guys !!


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